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Garden Trials and Trade 2020 is Taking the Next Step

23 January 2020
Garden Trials and Trade 2020 is Taking the Next Step

The 3rd edition of Garden Trials and Trade 2020 will be held from 8 to 10 June at a new location in Noorwegenlaan next to GROEN-Direkt. This move is the result of an initiative by Greenport Business Center, a founder of Garden Trials and Trade, which asked GROEN-Direkt to host the upcoming edition. Proba BV will continue as the organisational team.

Greenport Business Center operates under the responsibility of Greenport Boskoop, and stimulates a wide variety of innovation in the tree nursery sector. It believes that the introduction of novelties at Garden Trials and Trade is just one reason why the event enjoys such an important role in displaying the successful breeding results of woody plants and perennials and the associated retail ranges. This approach helps to maintain neutrality. The event will open in the evening of 8 June, with participants and invited guests who will be the first to hear about the results of the KBVC inspections. On 9 and 10 June, customers and visitors will be welcomed by around 30 participants in Garden Trials and Trade, and the same number of participants in the Product Promotion Square. GROEN-Direkt will then present a special summer edition of its layer fair. Between 1,500 and 2,000 national and international visitors are expected to combine this event with a visit to one or more of the Flower Trials locations.

Registration is possible from 24 January at Information is available during IPM Essen at the central square in the BIZZ Holland pavilion (8A40-7) and at the GROEN-Direkt stand (8A6-6).